Version: 4.9, API 2, JSON 1,2
Usage:  [http:|https:] //[PID]&ts=[TS]&hash=[HASH] [&options]

required: [PID]  is your R24 registered domainname/PartnerID
required: [TS]   is the current unix timestamp in seconds
required: [HASH] is your hashed access key (see account control panel)

*** new or special parameters:
ALL RATES ARE NOW INCLUSIVE Service Charge and Taxes !
if you need the ++ rates, use factor 1/1.177

set a default language option (used for intro text and hotelname)
Example: &lg=en  [en,th,cn,de,ru,se,fr,jp]

generate a slim version of xml, optimized for hotel listings

rates should be shown as inclusive taxes. (default is 1.177)

$adult=number of adults
Example: &adult=2
$child=number of children
Example: &child=0
$childage=list of children`s age (comma separated)
Example: &childage=9,11

OPTIONAL: adult/child/childage can be combined in a short-hand &aca
Example: $aca=2,9,11 (2 adult and 2 children aged 9 and 11)

&rooms=number of rooms requested
Optional. if not set, it will be calculated by API.

&cc=country code (nationality)
set 2-letter country code for market rates
Example: $cc=TH

used for return JSONP instead of XML.

Token request for a SINGLE hotel only,
Parameters required: $d, $ak=adult,child[,countryCode], &x=roomstatus

 a token for subsequent use to make a booking. Token valid for 1 hour.

*** optional filter parameters:

returns hotel results for these R24 region(s) only
Example: &r=isan

returns hotel results for these (sub)provinceID(s) only
Example: &v=63b,63c

returns hotel results for specific hotel numbers only
Example: &h=620253,620145

filters on parts of the hotel location description
Example: &l=sukhumvit

filters on parts of the hotel name 
Example: &k=Marriott

filter combines [&l or &k]

&g=range,hno             or
returns hotel results within range (in METER) of a specific hotel or coordinates
Example(1): &g=2000,13.742,100.552
Example(2): &g=2000,620145

sort result by one or more of the options above
[-] is descending, otherwise ascending.
Example: &s=location,-rate  (default)

limits the result to a specified number (max-limit)
Example: &n=20   (max. 20 results)

provides additional fields in the xml result
available values for `extratag`:
  light     (output only small set of fields, for faster loading)
  roomtype  (additional information about the room types)
  roomrate  (additional information about the room availability if &d specified)
  intro     (additional brief introduction text per hotel in default language &lg)
  picture   (filenames of available pictures)
  review    (provides information about available reviews)
  provinces (list of regions and provinces)
  landmark  (list of landmarks)
  country	(list of countries and currencies)
  facilities(list of facilities)
return additional field for currency other than USD,THB
Example: &c=EUR

&d=period of stay
Example: &d=2012-01-20/2012-01-25
Example: &d=2012-01-20/5

&star=nim/max hotel category
Example: &star=4	(4-star or better)
Example: &star=-3	(3-star or below)